Landscape Maintenance
A well maintained landscape that is appealing and visually attractive is enjoyable and can add significant value to your property.  Olivera Landscaping is both experienced and dedicated to the maintenance of your commercial or residential property.
Our services include weekly mowing and string trimming, edging of mulch beds, mulch/ decorative stone installation, ornamental tree and shrub pruning, planting and transplanting.
Landscape Makeover
We can make some simple changes to the front of your house that will significantly increase its beauty and deliver greater curb appeal.
Lawn Restoration
If your lawn is looking distressed or non-existent, call us today for a lawn restoration estimate for your property.
Our services include:
– Slicing/ grass seeding
– Overseeding
– Sod installation
New Paver Projects
Add a new paver walkway, steps and or patio area to enhance your landscape.  We can design them to be safe as well as esthetically  appealing.
Patio/ Walkway Maintenance
Paver patios and walkways require periodic maintenance.  We offer cleaning, joint resanding and surface sealing to make your patio or walkway look new again.
Paver Repairs
Repairing paver walkways and patios can be a tedious and difficult job for the homeowner.  As an experienced contractor, we offer paver repairs such as lifting settled areas and replacing broken pavers.  We take pride in meeting your expectations with the walkway or patio looking new again.  We also offer cleaning, joint resanding and sealing services.
Paver Walls
Paver walls can add significant interest to your landscape appearance. Structural walls may be needed within a landscape to help establish grades and control slopes.  We are experienced and can build (or rebuild) your wall that will last for years.
Stone Wall Repairs
We have experience with stone walls that are damaged and need to be rebuilt.  Let us repair your stone wall to improve the beauty of your landscape.
Swimming Pool Removal
We can remove an old backyard pool that you want to see disappear. First we remove the metal or concrete walls + liner.  We then fill the resulting hole ad contour your landscape for its new purpose.
Foundation Trenches
We have the skill and equipment to complete other home/ business related projects including digging foundation trenches for new construction.
Land Clearing
We have the skill and equipment to complete other home/ business related projects including land clearing,
Demolition Services
– Do you have an outside shed or some interior walls or carpeting that you want to have removed?
– Looking for a local service company that is reputable and affordable?
Call Antonio at Olivera Landscaping and we will make our service simple, cost effective and convenient.